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Keep Your Honda

A Honda

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 Honda Certified Collision Repair Cleveland

Keep Your Honda a Honda!

Use Axelrod Collision Center ProFirst Honda Certified Collision Repair Facility.

Axelrod Collision Center, a ProFirst Honda Certified Collison Repair Shop in Cleveland.

This designation was earned through rigorous training of Honda factory specifications for the following:

  • Safety Standards both inside the shop and quality of work.
  • Must have a Gold Class Certification from I-CAR to even qualify to take Honda’s Certified training.
  • Specific Training designed by Honda’s own engineers and administered through I-CAR.
  • Required to have the latest in Honda technology, tools, and equipment.
  • Must be committed to repairing your Honda to factory specifications.
  • Must use all OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to complete repairs.
  • Given access to Honda’s specific repair information at all times.

To keep our Honda Factory Certified designation, we are “Annually Inspected by a 3rd Party” to confirm facility cleanliness, proper tools and equipment, and overall shop operations to meet Honda’s stringent guidelines.

All training and verification repair procedures are performed on an ongoing basis to keep you and your vehicle as safe as possible.

Honda Certified Collision Repair safety

Honda engineers spend countless hours designing “passive safety”
systems to keep you and your passengers safe.

Honda wants you and your family to feel assured that our shop uses the correct repair procedures to get your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition.

We are talking everything from airbags to the exclusive body design that allows the frame structures to absorb and deflect energy in a collision.

Late-model Honda vehicles are often engineered using different metals and lightweight materials to increase fuel economy. Proper repair of these metals calls for the right tools and equipment to repair your Honda, no matter what the year.

Each and every part of this design must be put back the way it was after an accident in order to keep the integrity of the vehicle as it was before the accident.

That means using the same “patented” OEM parts that were designed for Honda vehicles.

Honda’s certification includes examining the shop for the required equipment to repair your vehicle.

Honda takes it one step further and checks on our past repairs to make sure they were accurately done before the designation is given.

Watch the Videos and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about!

Customer Experience and Satisfaction is a Must!

ProFirst Honda Factory Certified Collision program shops are held to the highest level of standards.

honda certified collision shop lobby

As a ProFirst Honda Certified Factory Collision repairer, our commitment to professional and quality repairs has been validated by Honda with rigorous testing.

ProFirst Honda Certified Collision repair shops are continuously measured for ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and providing an outstanding experience.

We pride ourselves in exceeding customer expectations for each repair.

Honda surveyed select customers to find out how they were treated, whether the billing was fair and if our estimates were accurate. They want to know that we communicated with the customer through the whole repair process.

Meeting customer service standards is a tough test and you’ll be happy to know Axelrod Collision Center passed with flying colors.

Axelrod Collision Center is held to the highest level when it comes to facility standards.

Quality inspections are done to ensure we maintain a clean, professional environment inside the repair shop, outside of the building, and all customer areas.

Our relationship with Honda provides us the skills, expertise, and commitment to complete all repairs to Honda’s factory specifications for safety, proper work, customer satisfaction, and ongoing education.

Where will you take your Honda the next time you have an accident?

Bring your Honda to Axelrod Collision Center to ensure a ProFirst Honda Factory Certified Collision repair.

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