Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

ADAS is Why You Need an Advanced Certified Body Shop.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Mean You Need an Advanced Body Shop!

What is some ADAS in your vehicle?

  • Lane Keep Assist

  • Blind Spot Detection

  • Front and Rear Radar

  • Windshield Camera Calibration

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

  • Emergency Braking

You love the advanced warning systems in your vehicle, but did you know recalibration is required after any incident?

Your vehicle will need ADAS recalibration after an accident, sometimes even after a minor bumper hit. Without the correct calibrations, many things can go wrong.

Almost all vehicles sold in the last few years have some form of ADAS as standard equipment. The most common are ultrasonic, camera, and radar. They help see the surroundings like a second pair of eyes. Only when a body shop repairs them correctly will they perform as designed. That’s a big deal!

So, when you see ADAS Calibrations on your estimate from Axelrod Collision Center, you’ll know it will be repaired correctly. We have the equipment and trained technicians to do it right every time.

Watch this short Subaru video on the ADAS system to help you understand. Many vehicles have similar systems.

Axelrod Collision Center is a Subaru Certified Body Shop.

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When Does Your Vehicle Need ADAS Calibration?

Your vehicle will need ADAS calibration whenever sensors are disrupted. It could be caused by a backup hit, fender bender, side hit, or even the slightest bump to a garage. Some repairs requiring ADAS calibration include mounting brackets, wheel alignment, suspension repair, car roof, and more. If a camera or sensor is altered, calibration must be done.

Did you know a windshield replacement with sensors requires calibration? Think about your automatic wipers when it starts to rain! It’s all part of the ADAS. As shown by the manufacturer, it must be recalibrated after any technical repair procedures. A Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) generally appears in the vehicle’s computer memory, showing a problem.

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Failure to Properly Calibrate Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is a Safety Issue.

If the ADAS calibration is not correctly done, the car’s cameras and sensors will not work as intended. ADAS calibration requires specialized tools and equipment manned by highly trained technicians certified to do so. Each sensor must be positioned as its safety feature is designed.

Only collision facilities certified with trained auto body shop technicians are capable of performing ADAS with precision.

Adaptive Cruise Control

GPS Navigation

Adaptive Light Control

Hill Descent Contnrol

Automatic Braking

Intelligent Speed Adaptation

Blindspot Detection

Automatic Parking

Collision Avoidance Systems

Lane Departure Warning

Driver Drowsiness Detection

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Watch this short Ford video on the ADAS system. Many vehicle makers have similar systems.

Axelrod Collision Center is a Ford Certified Auto Body Shop.